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Tools to Get You Hired

Spherion Mid Ohio is your connection to local jobs and so much more!

So what is the "more"?

Maybe you have been recycling the same resume over and over for years. Or, maybe you have never written one before. Have no worries either way, we are here to help!

It doesn’t matter your experience or level with resume writing or the interview process. Our goal is to equip you with the tools to succeed and assist you in putting your best foot forward on paper and in person.

Below are some resume and interview resources to help you get hired.

Resume Tips

Building An Effective Resume:

This is a short video that walks you through the two most common resume formats and important tips to remember when writing your resume.

The 8 Key Elements To A Great Resume:

This video highlights the 8 key elements that build a quality, informative and successful resume. 


Interview Tips

You got the interview, now it's your time to shine!

As one of the biggest employers in Mid Ohio, Spherion Mid Ohio knows a few things about interviewing and we're prepared to share them with you!

The 8 Tips To Nail Your Interview

1. Show enthusiasm

2. Positively Share your career pursuits

3. Do your research and ask thoughtful questions

4. Strategically sell your qualifications

5. Approach advancement potential carefully

6. Let the interviewer address salary and benefits

7. Close the interview with a call to action

8. Follow up with a thank you card, call or email.

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