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Benefits of Spherion

Not your old school “temp” agency.   

Spherion offers so much more than jobs that just fill the gap. 

Throughout Mid-Ohio, we have an immense variety of positions in numerous job fields. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position to help build your resume, or you have years of experience and are searching for an employer that recognizes your skill-set, Spherion can help.

Spherion is up-front and transparent about what job opportunities are temporary or if they offer the possibility for permanent placement. We understand everyone has a unique situation and Spherion strives to find employment that fits each individual and meets their needs. 

Apply for one, apply for all.   

Whether you’ve submitted a resume or filled out our online application, you’ve now opened up many doors for yourself.

This easy and streamlined process starts a conversation about what best suits you and your circumstance. There is no need to apply for each and every job opening that interests you.

Build a relationship.   

From the moment you apply with us, we want to build a connection with you.

Spherion offers a great on-boarding and training process. We learn about you, your goals, dreams, and needs in a one-on-one interview.

We are your advocate. Spherion aims to give you the work-life balance you need while working with both you and the employer to bridge the gap and help build your career path.

Health Insurance.

While employed through Spherion Mid Ohio, we offer medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as short-term disability and life insurancefrom day one.

Spherion employees can pick and choose their coverage (or decline) for themselves and family members within the first 30 days of work. We have a variety of options, if you want to learn more about what benefits are best for you, call our office at 419-747-7479.

Employee Appreciation and Benefits.

$50 referral bonuses are offered to anyone and everyone who completes a Refer-A-Friend form and meets the bonus criteria. 

On top of what a client may provide, Spherion offers employees 5 days of paid time off after they have completed 1800 hours of work.

Many of our clients offer attendance bonuses and incentives. We work with companies that have employee of the month programs, paid vacation plans, and much more.

Spherion is proud to help our community and we love finding people jobs. Each year, we celebrate our employees during National Staffing Week, and each Spherion employee is given a gift!

Through our Facebook and Instagram, we are constantly giving away gifts, concert and event tickets (big name artists, Cedar Point, etc.), and more. We also have a weekly giveaway called “Free Gas Friday” where we give a Speedway gas card to a lucky winner.

proud creators of the “I got the job" face!

Take a look at our job openings or apply online now to get started.