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Forklift Operator

November 03, 2022


Warehouse work: More than driving

Do you have strong driving skills, including the ability to park in the smallest of spaces? If so, you’ll do well operating a forklift. As a warehouse and loading dock forklift driver, you navigate complex spaces with many obstacles. You'll make good use of your superior hand-eye coordination and spatial recognition skills. Keep in mind that it's important to maintain a 360-degree awareness of your surroundings.  

More than ever, forklift operators are in demand at factories, farms, construction sites, warehouses, airports, seaports, and other transportation hubs. Forklift work runs the gamut. As a forklift operator, you'll:

  • Move bulk-packaged pallets from planes, trains, and trucks into warehouses and factories
  • Organize and run logistics operations within a warehouse
  • Lift and haul on a construction site
  • Transport hazardous materials

What is the average salary of a forklift operator?

As a forklift driver, your pay will vary depending on job type, experience, and location. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information, material moving operators earn a national median pay rate of $18 an hour. The national median yearly pay for a forklift operator is $37,450. An average entry-level forklift driver makes about $15 an hour. If managerial or training responsibilities are part of the job description, the pay will increase.

What is the career outlook for a forklift operator?

According to BLS projections, forklift jobs will increase by about 7% through the 2020s. This is roughly at the same pace as other manufacturing-related fields. Considering the expected growth in construction and e-commerce that requires warehouse shipping, the outlook for forklift operating is strong.


Take advantage of training opportunities

While forklift operator jobs are secure for the foreseeable future, warehousing technology is advancing. If you have a knack for learning new technology, you can take advantage of this growth potential by getting certified in high-tech mechanics. That way, when AI changes come, you’ll have the skills needed to grow along with trends.

What are the advantages of working with Spherion as a forklift operator?

Working with a company like Spherion has many advantages, such as the following.

  • Weekly pay
  • Flexibility with shifts ranging from full time to overtime or fill-in shifts
  • Convenience of an on-call point person who helps find jobs and serves as an advocate when you need assistance
  • Valuable training opportunities for workers
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